How to Use Twitter for Business

As a business, you can quickly reach new and existing customers. If people are already sounding off on your business, Twitter makes it extremely easy for you to find these people and respond to their comments or introduce them to your business.

An Overview of Twitter

Twitter has five main functions, the timeline, notifications, moments, messages, and your profile. The basis of Twitter is 280 character ‘tweets’ that are messages that may contain text, links, images, or videos. Tweets are sent out by users, and every user has a ‘handle’ which is your username on the site.

Other users on Twitter can tag you in a post by putting an ‘@’ symbol before your handle. This is what is known as a mention. Users have the ability to follow other users, resulting in the tweets you send and the accounts you follow to send populated information to your timeline.

Twitter will also make recommendations for people to follow and you can use your email list to find followers on the site. To find followers through your email list, add the contacts to your email provider and link it to Twitter.

Once users see that you are on Twitter, they may immediately follow you back. If you don’t see the growth results that you were hoping for, you may want to consider sending a tweet out to active accounts letting them know you are on Twitter.

Your timeline on Twitter is listed in chronological order from newest to oldest. You have the option to retweet, quote a tweet, and like tweets from other users. The retweets share a tweet from someone else to your followers, while quoting a tweet allows you to add your own comment to the tweet.

Many tweets contain hashtags. Using the ‘#’ symbol will hashtag your conversation. Many companies will use a hashtag to promote a campaign or to reinforce an ongoing message. When you search a hashtag, all of the tweets that are tagged will show, with the exception of tweets made by private accounts.

Types of Posts on Twitter

There are five main kinds of posts that you can create on Twitter; photos, quotes, status updates, videos, and links. One strategy to use with Twitter is the rule of 4-1. Select one main kind of post that your followers can expect to see from you, like status updates. Then, every fourth post you make, switch it up and post a different kind of post, say a video. This strategy helps you to remain consistent, while also providing you enough varied content that your followers don’t get bored.

With Twitter, new content appears every second. However, this can pose a significant challenge for marketers. As you work on maximizing your brand on Twitter, it is important to remember that marketing on social media is not a 9-5 job. Social media updates constantly and when your consumers are online, you should be online.

There are numerous social media publishing apps available that can help you schedule tweets in advance. These help you stay organized and ensure that you are posting frequent messages that reinforce your brand. That being said, it is also imperative that you also monitor your brand on Twitter.

Proven Tips to Boost Your Business on Twitter

It’s entirely possible that you may have been using Twitter for a while to market your brand or business, but haven’t seen much growth in your business. It may be entirely possible that you haven’t had much luck using Twitter to promote your business.

All of the issues that you’ve had with utilizing Twitter lies in how you’re using the site. If you haven’t had much luck in growing your business with Twitter, it might mean that you aren’t well versed with the best strategies for promoting your business on the popular social media site. Rather than spend your valuable time researching the best methods for promoting your business on Twitter, here are some tips that can be used to help you get more targeted website traffic.

Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags hold primary importance if you want to utilize Twitter to promote your business correctly. However, you should use them sparingly, and the ones you use should be chosen carefully. When you are considering the use of hashtags, you have to pick hashtags that are relevant to the tweet. The best way to make optimal use of hashtags is only to use them when a given hashtag is already trending.

If you are having trouble choosing appropriate hashtags to promote your business, you can use sites like Ritetag and Hashtagify to assist you. These types of sites help you to search the best-related hashtags that you can use in your tweets.

Understand the Best Times to Tweet

It is essential that you are fully aware of the best times to send out tweets. Just like with posting on the other social media sites, you need to know the most appropriate time to tweet to ensure that it gets read by your target audience.

While you can judge when the best time to send out a tweet is by having a clear idea about the time zones where your prospective customers are located, but if you want to get maximum engagement with your target audience, evenings and late nights are the best times, on average, to send out tweets. If you’re going to get more clicks, you need to schedule your tweets to be sent out between 2 and 3 in the morning in the different time zones.

To help you determine when to send out your tweets, Twitter’s analytics tool can help provide you with a proper analysis of time zones for your current followers. Based on their time zones, you can get an idea of when most of your followers will be online.

Make Use of Twitter List Function

Twitter lists are an excellent tool for grouping accounts together that belong to a particular niche. This makes it much easier to find relevant content to retweet. The best part of this tool is that it also provides you with the option to subscribe to someone else’s list apart from creating one’s own Twitter list.

Add Value in Your Retweets

It is perfectly acceptable to retweet other’s content as long as you give credit to the original post. However, it becomes crucial to make the retweet valuable as well. This can be accomplished by merely retweeting a quote while adding your reaction or opinion as well. It can also be used as a fantastic opportunity to connect the retweet with your brand.

Tweet Customer Testimonials

The testimonials from your customers play an influential role in promoting your business and gaining more targeted traffic to your company website. When you post the words from the mouths of your customers and fans, you will double your chances of catching immediate attention of expected followers and buyers on Twitter.

This can be extremely helpful in increasing your credibility and gaining the trust of your targeted audience.

Interact with Your Audience

The entire point of getting your business on Twitter is to interact with your target audience. If you have dedicated followers who are commonly retweeting and commenting on your tweets, do your best to make them feel special.

If you have the workforce, make sure that every customer who engages with your tweets feel special by replying to their comments and helping them out with any issues.
In the long run, it will cost you very little to interact with your customers, but by doing it, you will create an image of someone who truly cares about their audience, which will lead to more exposure for your business.

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